What time can you cash scratch-offs in Maryland?

You can cash scratch-offs in this region between 6.00 am, and 2.00 am. Ensure that you cash scratch-offs within 180 days. You can achieve this by going to a lottery retailer or the state lottery office. Alternatively, consider mailing the ticket in a claim form.

Playing scratch-offs is a popular trend in Maryland. Many people in this area invest their cash in different scratch-offs games in the hopes of winning big. Such games give you an opportunity of becoming rich fast. If you have been playing scratch-offs in Maryland for some time and have managed to win a specific prize amount, you should learn everything regarding how to claim it. Read on!

How scratch-off retailers in Maryland operate

Selling scratch-off tickets is a big business in Maryland. The number of retailers that engage in this activity increases each day due to the high demand for scratch-off games. Maryland does not set a number of minimum hours for the sale of scratch-offs. A retailer can choose to set their own hours for such lottery sales based on their customer flow and staffing levels.

A retailer can turn off the sale’s system for maintenance purposes. This is often done between 1.30 am, and 5.30 am. It means that during the maintenance window, players cannot buy scratch-off tickets from vending equipment. The retailer cannot also validate tickets for prize payments during this period until the system gets back to operation. Due to such cut-off occurrences, most retailers in Maryland encourage gamers to purchase scratch-off tickets as soon as they can instead of waiting until the last minute. Take your time to decide how much you would like to invest in a scratch-off game before proceeding.

As long as a scratch-off retailer is not under maintenance, you can buy or even cash scratch-off tickets. The lottery operates under strict guidelines to keep its employees as well as players safe. The number of claims that such retailers receive in a day is a lot.

How to cash scratch-offs in Maryland

Everyone who engages in gambling is always on the lookout for a golden opportunity to win big. If you have managed to win a good amount from playing scratch-offs, you should ensure that you cash it within 180 days. This is the standard time that most regions, including Maryland, set. In this region, you can cash the scratch-offs any time between 6.00 am, and 2.00 am. Here are the different ways in which winners cash scratch-offs.

Through an authorized retailer

The process of cashing a scratch-off is not that complicated. You can redeem it at an authorized retailer that sells scratch-offs. If, for instance, you have won less than $600, feel free to take the ticket to an authorized retailer. You don’t necessarily have to redeem it at the same place you bought the scratch-off ticket. Most of the authorized retailers in Maryland sell scratch-off tickets in grocery and convenience stores.

Through the state lottery office

If you win above $600, you should consider getting it to the state lottery office to cash it. You can find the claim office near you by visiting the website. Ensure that you sign at the back part of the scratch-off ticket to ensure that you are the only person who can claim it. Since winnings over $600 have to be reported to the IRS, you should expect to pay taxes.

Mail it in a claim form

Alternatively, you can choose to mail the scratch-off winning ticket if you don’t have the time to make a stop at the lottery office. This option can help you redeem your prize more conveniently. Most people that choose to play scratch-off games online prefer using this option when it is time to cash them. It is also a great option to use if you have just left Maryland for another state and wish to cash the winning ticket.

Start by finding a claim form on the lottery website where you purchased the scratch-off ticket. Once you find the claim form, you should download and fill it out. Ensure you make a copy of this form and the scratch-off ticket in case the mail gets lost or in case of a delay.

Ensure that provide an image of both the back and front part of the scratch-off winning ticket. You should also complete all the relevant fields on the back part of the ticket and include your signature. Submit an image of your photo ID and social security number.

If any technical errors occur during the mail claim process, the online retailer will not assume responsibility. Missing documentation and incomplete claims can prevent your claim from being approved. Though most winners of scratch-offs prefer remaining anonymous, proper identification is necessary when filing a claim.

If you win a huge amount from playing a scratch-off game, experts recommend working with a certified public accountant that can help you control your winnings. You should also gamble responsibly after getting the cash prize to avoid losing a significant percentage of what you have already won.

What if my scratch-off ticket is destroyed?

This is one of the concerns that lottery players have. If the scratch-off ticket that you have won gets lost or is destroyed, you will not be able to claim the money. Lottery retailers in Maryland only give winners the money when they submit the winning ticket. You can stop someone from claiming your prize if you misplace the scratch-off ticket by signing at the back part.

Adding your contact details and address can also enhance protection and security. This is because if you misplace the winning ticket and someone tries to cash it, the office will contact you. Lottery offices in Maryland do not take responsibility for lost, stolen, or destroyed tickets.

If your scratch-off winning ticket is a bit damaged and does not scan properly, you should include a note explaining the issue as you file the claim via email. Once you do this, the lottery office will investigate first before you are allowed to cash it. To avoid such inconveniences, you should take good care of your scratch-off ticket until you cash out your winnings.

If you are new to playing scratch-offs in Maryland and wonder which specific games can help you win different amounts, check out this table.

Lottery scratch-off Prize range Overall odds Ticket price
$100,000 Crossword $10-$100,000 1 in 3.09 $10
Ravens X5 $5-$100,000 1 in 3.82 $5
Ravens X2 $2-$20,000 1 in 4.04 $2
Cash Bonus $10-$100,000 1 in 3.41 $10


Scratch-offs in Maryland are different from regular lottery games since you don’t have to wait for a draw to know if you have won. These games can help you enjoy instant wins. Once you win, you may have a lot of questions regarding how to cash them. Most lottery offices allow you to cash such winning tickets any time between 6.00 am, and 2.00 am unless the system is under maintenance. Ensure that you cash scratch-offs within 180 days.


What do I need to buy a lottery ticket?

You first have to show a form of identification. In Maryland, only people above 18 years can buy lottery tickets.

How can I claim my prize after winning a scratch-off ticket?

You can do this differently based on the method you chose to buy it. If you bought it online, you could claim the prize by mail. If you bought it offline, you should visit a retail outlet or the lottery office.

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