How to Consistently Pick Winnable Lottery Numbers?

Lotto experts often laugh when they come across reports that players win multiple lottery games because of luck. The winners claim that they have precise strategies to win multiple games.

The experts also claim that they teach lottery players how to win games using the same strategies. In this article, we will discuss some unbelievable lottery game victories and explain to you how you can win games by following systems that were used by multiple lottery winners.

Lottery experts believe they can consistently predict the winning lines and make money simply on demanding by playing a lotto game. Many of these experts talk about using systems, which according to them, work flawlessly.

However, do these lottery systems exist? Is it true that these systems are so effective that hundreds of players that have used them went to win lottery games?

After doing some testing and conducting research, it appears that at least one lotto system exists, and many past winners claim that they used the system to win lottery games. It also seems that players still use this system today to win lottery games.

The System

While you might be skeptical at first and not believe that it is possible to learn ways to win lotteries, we will share some interesting facts with you, and your opinion will change.

Strange Lottery Game Wins

Lotto game-winners shared the following stories, which is evidence that some players know how to win lottery games by luck. The idea that a player can choose a few numbers, pay a fee, and then if they are lucky, experience substantial changes in their life that most individuals can only dream of is the lure of the lottery game.

Instant financial abundance through Lotto games has a great appeal. As with other things that appear to be easy money, from the dot com to the gold rush boom, the Lotto has attracted entrepreneurs and wealth seekers. All these people are looking to get a piece of the pie and gain something for nothing.

Like the miners who searched for gold, people who dream about winning a lottery game find it impossible to gain something for nothing, or maybe it is possible? While you probably would win a lottery game for nothing, you might be able to land multiple lottery wins.

Here are some interesting stories of past lotto winners that will cause you to raise your eyebrows.

Richard Lustig

Richard Lustig claims he is just an ordinary guy, but he has a system that has enabled him to win multiple lottery games. Richard Lustig has won 7 lottery games and is vocal about the fact that he uses a system to win games. Lustig has stated that winning a lottery game is more about strategy than luck.

Can you possibly argue with a guy who is a 7-time winner and has won multiple small and medium prizes? He offers practical advice, and most of his advice is incorporated into scratch-off, highly effective tips.

Joan Ginther

When Joan Ginther won her first lottery jackpot, everyone congratulated her on the big win, and though she had won due to luck. However, when Ginther won her 4th jackpot, defeating odds of 18 septillions to 1, people started to wonder whether luck was even involved in her victories.

Not surprisingly, for Lotto game officials, it was eventually revealed that Joan Ginther was a professor of Statistics at Stanford University.

What a coincidence that a person who is educated in mathematical probabilities has won the lottery jackpot on 4 occasions. Do you think Joan possibly cracked a code and learned how to win lottery games, or she won because of incredible luck?

How to use Mathematics to win Lotto Games?

Luck vs. Mathematical Manipulation

It seems that both Richard Lustig and Joan Ginther did not rely on luck to win jackpots, and they are not the only ones who win lottery games through means other than luck. Many individuals now claim that their lottery game success is not down to luck but was based on solid strategies and systems specifically created to help them win.

It is almost impossible to argue with winners such as Richard Lustig, who continue to promote proven systems openly. Even if you question Joan Ginther, a professor of Statistics, you start to question what is possible and what isn’t.

However, that being said, not all lottery game victories are based on mathematics or mathematical manipulation. For those who like to rely on luck, here is one story of a lottery winner that will demonstrate the type of luck required to win a jackpot in a lotto game.

Frane Salek

This man is one of the luckiest individuals alive today and probably the luckiest person ever. Frane Salek, a popular music teacher from Croatia, was his country’s household name long before winning a lottery game.

Salek has these supernatural capabilities to use the power of luck in mind-blowing and uncanny ways. Luck is the sole reason why Frane is so popular in Croatia. Before his big lottery game victory in 1962, Salek went from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik on a train.

While he was enjoying the train ride, the train was violently and unexpectedly derailed. Once the train was forced off its tracks, it fell into an icy river, which led to the death of 17 onboard passengers and injured several others. However, France survived the accident; he only had a few minor cuts and a broken arm.

Then, in 1963, France was going from Zagreb to Rijeka on a plane, and the plane’s cockpit door blew out, which plunged the aircraft into a tailspin, and the entire plane hit the ground at full speed. This accident led to the death of 19 passengers; however, Frank walked away with superficial injuries, as his life was saved when he landed on a haystack.

He again experienced enormous luck in 1966 when he traveled on a bus, which suddenly veered off the road and fell into a river, killing 4 passengers. Frane again survived this accident as well.

In 1970, Frane barely escaped a car accident as he ran out of the car moments before the eroded fuel pump caught fire and the car burst into flames. In another car accident in 1973, Frane escaped a flaming car without injuries.

In 1995, Frane was hit by a speeding bus, but the impact just glanced his body, and he survived. Twelve months later, in 1996, he avoided death when he drove his car off a cliff edge to avoid a speeding truck.

This accident should have killed him, but he fell onto thick branches from his car and survived. So when he won $ 1,110,000 in a lottery jackpot, no one was surprised. You need this luck to defeat odds of 175 million to 1. However, it would be better not to rely on luck and look for systems that work.

Lottery Game Secrets

When we see mathematicians winning lottery games and hear from people who claim to have found a workable system, we are certain that there are Lotto game secrets that have been kept hidden for some time now.

So can you use the same lottery systems previous winners used to win lotto games? Do past winners rely on luck, or have they devised a system that wins them lotto games?

While the answer to these questions is a Yes and a No, let us explain this.

How to consistently choose Winnable Lotto Numbers?

No one can teach you to choose winnable lotto numbers consistently, but experts can teach you how to win a lotto game by playing with more numbers than you are typically allowed to play with. Numbers drawn in a lotto game are purely random, and predicting which number sets will be drawn is purely a matter of sheer luck or probability and chance. Regardless of how you choose lotto numbers, there are ways you can significantly increase your chances of choosing correct lotto numbers.

Choosing lotto numbers is not the basis of an effective system, though. To learn about winning a lottery game, you must first learn how to increase your chances of winning. If you are serious about winning a lotto game, you must go down the road of mathematical probability.

Although choosing cold numbers or hot numbers may give you a slight edge, the real advantage of using a system lies in its ability to cut down the odds against you winning a lotto game and enabling you to pick more numbers than typically allowed. The system should also enable you to wheel those numbers to increase your chances of gaining multiple wins in the same game.

If you want to know how the lottery game works, you should know how to play with the odds. There are no magical systems that will reveal to you a set of winnable numbers.

How to use secret wheeling to win Lotto Games?

Learning how to use lotto systems correctly will enable you to learn effective strategies for all types of lottery games. However, when learning about a lotto game, you must also learn about number wheeling. While wheeling is in no way foolproof and works well in a syndicate as the ticket prices increase with the amount of numbers you wheel.

However, number wheeling is the only way you can increase your odds of winning a lottery game. If you use wheeling, statistical analysis, and hot numbers, you will understand how you can win a lotto game.

You also target lotto games that have better odds. For instance, the number wheel in Powerball is easier than in Euromillions.

3 Steps for Winning a Lotto Game

  • You should try to join a syndicate so you have enough money to play a lotto game. If you cannot find a syndicate or cannot create one, join one online.
  • With the help of a wheeling system, you can play as many numbers as your syndicate will allow you to play.
  • Choose hot number combos and hot numbers.
  • Please don’t pick cold numbers.


This article thoroughly discusses how you can consistently pick winnable lottery numbers. We have also shared stories of those who have had great success in lottery games, such as Richard Lustig and Joan Ginther. Hopefully, this article will give you some perspective and enable you to use the right strategies.