How to Delete Md Lottery Account

Creating an account online is easy but to unsubscribe from the service is usually tricky, some people end up deleting applications without relinquishing their membership, yet their initial intention was to terminate their membership. There are chances that you might have created an account when using the MD lottery app; so if you are seeking to delete it, below are detailed procedures for deleting the Md lottery account from different devices.

Deleting the Maryland lottery app will not erase your details and that is why you have to reinstall it and log in again. To properly delete any account embedded in an application requires that you log in to the account then go to the app settings and search for the delete account option, usually located at the bottom. Below are the various methods that you can adopt to delete your Md lottery account.

How to delete your account (data) from the Maryland Md lottery

There are two bodies mandated to protect consumer rights when it comes to sharing and deleting personal information. Individuals under the European Union are protected by the “General Data Protection Regulation,” (GDPR) that permits individuals to request the organizations that hold their data or personal information to delete them. The above can better be referred to as the right to erasure.

Under this option, individuals have the option of either making their requests in writing or verbally, and as a rule of thumb requesting the erasure in writing is the best because you can use it as evidence if your data is not deleted. Once you have made your requests, you are expected to give the organization at least one calendar month after which you can take the necessary action as stipulated by law.

For individuals who are not in the EU, let’s say in California, you are protected by the “California Consumer Privacy Act,” (CCPA) that gives you the right to request a business to delete your personal information. The law requires the company to delete your personal information from its database and even request other service providers to delete your information. Failure by the company to delete your personal information could attract a fine of up to $5,700 per violation. Now you know your rights all you have to do is send an erasure email to Md lottery and your account will be terminated together with your details.

In the email, you will provide all the details regarding your account with Maryland Lottery official app. And then state the law under which you are making the application, remember that the Maryland lottery is a state gambling website. And just so that you ensure the service provider will not bail on your, you will mention the penalty for non-compliance. Also, you must not provide a reason as to why you want the account deleted.

How to delete Md lottery account from your iPhone

So, you will probably not want to delete an account that has an active subscription, so to first unsubscribe from Md lottery, you will open the Settings app and tap on your name. Then select the subscription tab, if this tab is not presented to you automatically, you will have to tap on iTunes and Appstore. You will then tap on your Apple ID, select view apple ID, and then sign in and move down to the “subscriptions,” button.

You will then tap on the Md subscription that you want to review and tap on the cancel option, check keenly and if you can’t find the cancel subscription option then that means that you are already canceled and it can’t be renewed again.

On your phone, you will tap and hold the MD lottery icon until it starts shaking and it will be in the mode that allows you to either move or delete the application. You will be presented with an X sign at the top right corner of the application. Tap on the X sign and then tap the red delete button. Alternatively, on your iPhone settings, you will click on the “General,” option and then proceed to click on “iPhone storage and then scroll down to see all the apps that are installed in your phone.

You will then click the Maryland Lottery Official application that you want to delete from your phone and then select the option “Delete Maryland Lottery Official Application, “on the screen and confirm delete.

How to delete Md lottery account from your android device

So the first thing that you want to do is cancel the subscription. You will, therefore, open the Google Play Store and sign into the relevant Md lottery account. You will click on the menu and then proceed to subscriptions. You will then select the Md lottery subscription that you wish to unsubscribe from and then select the option “cancel subscription.” This action will also make your future subscriptions to be canceled and will not be renewed.

If you have the Maryland lottery official application on your android device below are detailed steps to help you delete it from your phone. You will first open the Google play from the hamburger menu icon, go to “My Apps and Games.” You will be presented with a list of the available apps installed on your device from where you will click on the Maryland lottery official app, and then you will tap uninstall.

Alternatively, from your home screen or app drawer, you can tap and hold the Maryland application and then click on the part of the screen that shows uninstall. You can also move to the settings feature of your android phone, and then click on the ‘apps’ option then select the Maryland official application that you want to delete, and click uninstall.

How to delete Md lottery account in Mac computer

The first step is to open the Mac app store, and then select your name at the bottom of the sidebar. Select the option view information, usually located at the top of the window. Proceed to sign in and then scroll down to the next page until you see the subscriptions option, and then click on the manage feature. Select Edit beside the Md lottery app and then click the option “Cancel Subscription.”

For the above procedure to be successful, you must always ensure to use the credentials that you used to subscribe to the service. In case you have forgotten the credentials, you can always contact the app and have your password reset.

How to cancel Md lottery subscription from Paypal

For this process to be successful, you must first log in into your account, you will then click on the settings tab located behind the logout option. You will then select the payments option and then click on the manage automatic payments feature, this option is in the automatic payments dashboard. Here, you will be provided with a series of merchants and the agreements that you had before with them, so just select the MD lottery to cancel.

A confirmation page will be presented to you, and you will select the option “Cancel Automatic Payments,” to confirm that you want to stop the payments to the Md lottery. Be sure to scroll to the verification page and click “Done.”


When you are subscribed to an MD lottery plan, you will not cancel it the way you subscribed, meaning that the plan that you signed up for will renew automatically without your permission. Also if you first subscribed for a trial period and then you cancel it, you stand to lose the trial content. So ideally, you should cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the trial period ends.


How do I cancel my account if I am subscribed directly to Md lottery website?

You will first have to sign in to MD’s lottery website or better yet contact the payment provider directly.

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