How to use Formulas to Predict Numbers in a Lottery Game?

When you thought you had left mathematics in the classroom and a world where maths doesn’t exist, lottery games bring mathematics back into your life. Smart players use mathematics to increase their chances of winning a lottery game.

In our mission to discover the best winning methods for lottery games, we see past winners claiming they used mathematics formulas to accurately predict numbers. The lottery game is a numbers game, and according to those that work in the field of statistics and mathematics, numbers do not lie.

According to a few past winners of lottery games, math formulas following statistical and probability analysis can predict the outcome of certain events. In a lottery game, where random numbers are drawn, in such lottery games, smart players apply mathematical formulas.

The argument in Favor of Using Mathematical Formulas

While computers can solve anything because they are made to use rules for doing problems or computing calculations, this has led people to use computers whenever they need to perform a calculation.

This is the reason why several potential lottery game winners believe that any sort of algorithm used for predicting numbers is so complicated and complex that it will probably need a computer to work properly and perform calculations.

However, this is not true; there are several easy ways to use mathematics to enable you to win lotteries.

How to Defy Odds against You?

The challenge that almost every player faces is that odds are often stacked against them. The odds are stacked against a player, especially if that player is using traditional methods to win a lottery game. If you purchase tickets to play the lottery games, it is almost impossible you will be able to win the game.

Since lottery games are largely based on the principles of probability and not random selection, mathematical formulas can predict how numbers will perform in a particular lottery game. By using these formulas that work with the probability law, a player can narrow decrease the odds stacked heavily against them.

This way, the players can also increase his or her chances of winning the lottery. In fact, the player can increase their chances of winning multiple lottery games within a specific draw using mathematical formulas.

Honestly, no lottery game wants to win by luck alone. The dream of winning a lottery game is so strong that players rarely leave it to pure luck and try to find ways to decrease their odds. Which is why, it is important to learn how to predict numbers through mathematical formulas is important if you are serious about winning lottery games.

Randomly picking numbers and playing that way for years won’t get you good results. It is time you started using different and useful methods to play lottery games to win lottery games.

Using the Probability Law

Contrary to popular belief that every number in a draw has the same probability of being picked, is not always the case. The way to ensure you have a number that exists in the lottery draw would be to play more lottery numbers, right? Right now, you will probably be confused that how can you play more numbers than the lottery allows you to play?

We will get to this query later; right now, our focus is on the probability law. The probability of a particular event taking place depends on its division by the amount of potential outcomes. Keeping this in mind, a player should not randomly pick numbers.

For example, in a 45-ball lottery game, the chances of choosing an odd number is higher than choosing an even number. This is due to the fact that odd numbers are more numerous that even numbers in a lottery draw. Players can use this information when choosing lottery numbers.

While this is an example, it shows that lottery games are not only about pure luck or chance, and mathematical laws are part of it.

It is important to take into account the mathematical laws to avoid choosing numbers with a lower chance of getting drawn. It is best to avoid cold numbers and go for hot numbers. However, this is not where a player’s real magic of probability can work.

Issues with Mathematics

If you don’t do well in mathematics, then depending on mathematics to pick lottery numbers will be difficult for you. The formulas typically favor people who are good at mathematics, or that is what the media and lotto corporations would like players to believe in.

Dealing with information, charts, and spreadsheets gleaned from past lottery draws, is something a non-mathematician will be interested in doing. However, I am going to teach you how you can become a lottery winner, and it all starts with ways you shouldn’t use to pick numbers.

Avoid Lucky Dips and Quick Picks

Those players who don’t want to worry about choosing numbers themselves can use this option. A quick pick or a lucky dip is made to generate numbers at random for players to enter a lottery. As easy as the process looks, mathematicians, believe the approach is flawed.

Although past lottery winners have won big through quick picks, those players that won multiple times with the help of formulas say it is best to avoid purchasing tickets through quick picks. Instead, these players claim that by using mathematical formulas, lottery players have a higher chance of claiming victory, and it is the only way of increasing your chances of claiming the lottery.

Don’t use Random Numbers

You should also avoid picking numbers randomly when playing a lottery game. When you pick numbers randomly, the chances of claiming the lottery game are not in your favor. Do you realize that if a player buys 1000 lottery tickets in the same lottery game with all random numbers, you have no better chance of claiming victory than if you bought only one ticket?

That being said, if you use a wheel to get one more number in your lottery draw, you can substantially increase your chance of winning the game. For instance, wheel one more number in a 6/49 lottery, and you will decrease the odds of claiming victory in the game by 13 million to 1 to 500K to 1 with just one more number.

Not only does wheeling significantly increases your chances of winning the lottery game but also your chances of winning several small games in the same lottery draw.

Picking the Right Number Sets

By now, you may have become a believer in mathematics and formulas, and you probably know that they can help you pick numbers that increases your chances of winning jackpots and prizes. However, this doesn’t eradicate the challenges that players face when they don’t know how to use a formula to your advantage.

Like most players who are not good with mathematics, you will also need help applying mathematical formulas. However, this help should come in the form of of winnable lottery numbers but instead the person should show you how to wheel the numbers and pick them.

Your best chance is an algorithm calculator which is based on wheeling. Pre-made number wheels eradicate the burden of doing mathematical calculations or applying formulas. All you have to do is fill numbers in the boxes in the algorithm.

Depending on the type of game you are looking to play, choosing numbers using an algorithm calculator is the right approach. This approach is easier than going over charts and spreadsheets, doing endless calculations, or applying several formulas.

However, this approach is not as effective as wheeling; your best chance is to combine the number wheeling and algorithm approach to increase your chances of winning a lottery game or multiple games. Lottery games are not just about randomly choosing a set of numbers, they are a game based on probability, and numbers are only one component of the game.

Since mathematics can be used to play number sets in a way that increases your chances of winning a lottery game by several million to one, a lottery player that is serious and smart will stop using random numbers to buy lottery tickets and will start applying formulas in lottery games.


In this article, we discuss the different approaches that you can use to predict lottery numbers. While there are many approaches, using mathematical formulas has proven to be the most successful approach. Try to use mathematical formulas; if you are weak at mathematics, ask someone to help you.