How to Identify Winnable Lottery Patterns

Are you looking to fulfill your dream of winning a lottery game ticket? Many people dream of having a life of luxury, something that can be possible if you win a lottery game. However, are you just randomly picking numbers and hoping your luck will win you a lottery game? If yes, then this is not the smart or correct way of playing a lottery game.

Patterns and Probability in Lottery Games

Most lottery players randomly pick numbers; they think the probability for all number sets is equal. However, players with this perception play lottery games for ages but never win a single game. One of the major pieces of the lottery puzzle that players typically miss is that some numbers have a higher probability or chance of being drawn than others.

Once you are capable of joining all the dots together, you can easily detect the winnable number patterns in a lottery game. This way, it becomes easier to develop lottery game tactics, increasing your chances of winning the lottery game.

Instead of just playing a lottery game consistently, you should know how you can smartly play the game to win the jackpot. A few tactics can increase your chances of winning the Lotto game. One lottery method relies on the mathematics to zero-in strategy.

There are patterns of numbers that you can create to increase your chances of claiming the jackpot. Today, we will discuss the methods which will enable you to identify winnable number patterns.

If there are several questions in your head, and you are not aware of winnable patterns, then there are a couple of strategies then can eliminate all the confusion.


In this strategy, players choose numbers by taking into consideration past performances and finding patterns in lottery game numbers. This strategy is also used in other fields such as trading stocks and horse racing. The first thing you should do is track the lottery game for which ticket you want to purchase.

This would enable you to detect a winnable number pattern according to probability. There would be some numbers that will be drawn more regularly than other numbers. This would allow you to calculate the probability of those numbers.

According to the probability calculations, you must come up with lottery numbers with the highest chance of being picked. However, some players like playing on the contrary and are looking to pick numbers that have never been drawn or are long overdue. The issue with this tactic is that according to the probability law, there is a low chance of those numbers being drawn.

For instance, the numbers 1, 2, and 3,4,5,6 have not been drawn yet in an International Lotto game or a local Lotto game. However, just because these numbers have never been drawn doesn’t mean they will never be. Some people believe that if a number combination has never been drawn, it will be drawn now. This will significantly lower your chances of winning the game.

According to the number patterns in a lottery game, which you can create with the handicapping method, it is best to leave rarely used number combos alone, especially those combinations that haven’t been drawn in a while.

When talking about the probability law, there is no concept such as an overdue number. An example of this can be that in over 100 drawings, the no.45 was not drawn in the New York Lotto. This makes it clear that you have to play by the probability law instead of going for rarely used number combos.

Law of the Large Numbers

This law states that when an event occurs frequently, the outcome of such an event is near to the outcome expected. The more frequently an event occurs, the closer the outcome of that event is to the expected outcome. In the case of lottery game numbers, the event will be replaced by the draw and the outcome, with an expected frequency of a lottery number being drawn.

Create a number pattern based on this law. You will take the probability of a certain number being drawn into consideration and the period of time over which the number will probably be drawn.

To follow this pattern, which is generated by this law, you will first need the probability calculations, which were obtained from the pattern above. Then you will need to shortlist lottery numbers with the highest chance of being drawn.

Once this process is over, you will need to examine the probability of the whole number combination occurring in every 100 draws. This would offer you several number calculations, and those combos will have a higher chance of being chosen in every 100 draws. However, you will need to continue with this number combination for the next 100 draws or until you can win a game.

Lottery Software

Many systems use the Gail Howard software to predict the future numbers of a lottery game. Such systems give you more than 100 patterns with their probability of being drawn. You have to have to choose those patterns that have the highest chance of being drawn.

The only disadvantage of this software is that you will need to play lottery games consistently, or at least 100 draws, to be in a position to win. However, with this tactic, if you can manage your money and the jackpot is large-sized, your chances of getting an impressive return on investment are high.

This software will enable you to make a lottery science, allowing you to win as long as you play lottery draws consistently. While both the strategies we discussed won’t give you the instant winning formula, if you follow the strategy and play long enough, you will significantly increase your chances of winning games.

Since large data pools and mathematical calculations back both the tactics, lottery games will become more than a gamble for you.


This article discusses how you can identify winnable patterns for a lottery game. We also discussed two strategies that you can use to increase your chances. Lastly, we have emphasized the importance of finding out these winnable patterns, as, without them, your chances of winning a lottery are low.