Best MD lottery tickets

Have you been thinking of purchasing a lottery ticket in Maryland? If yes, you are not alone. Research shows that more than 50% of the population does this at least once every month.

You should focus on buying the best lottery tickets in this state. The best MD lottery games are the ones that have the best odds of winning. They often come in the form of scratch-offs. Most people buy MD lottery tickets for games such as $500,000 crossword, Lucky 777, Bonus Bingo x20, Money explosion, and Bingo x10. Find out more!

What are scratch-offs?

Most lottery sites in Maryland allow you to win instant cash prizes by playing scratch-offs. Since such sites allow you to buy scratch-off tickets online, you don’t have to leave your home for you to get them. While playing such games, you have to scratch the tickets to find out whether you have won some cash from them.

Before you purchase an MD lottery ticket to play a scratch-off game, you should find out the kind of variance it has. While some of the scratch-offs have low variance, others have a high variance. Low variance scratch-offs pay often but have low payouts. On the other hand, a high variance scratch-offs has a higher jackpot but pays less frequently.

Such games, therefore, suit different kinds of players. Before you start investing in an Md lottery game, you should ask yourself whether you prefer frequent small wins or like chasing large sums of money. Winning in either of these scratch-offs depends on chance.

Here are some of the best MD lottery tickets

If you have never played such games, you may be surprised by the wide variety available at different MD lottery sites. These sites offer numerous scratch-offs that come in various titles, forms, and themes. You should consider buying MD lottery tickets for the following games.

$500,000 crossword

Many people take a chance on this scratch-off since it has ten top prizes of up to $500,000. Once you buy the MD lottery ticket, you have to scratch the letters. This will reveal 18 letters. If you manage to match at least two letters in the crossword grid, you will win the prize displayed in the prize key. In this MD lottery game, you have to play each crossword grid separately.

Some of the features that can help you win great cash prizes in this MD lottery game include the mega multiplier and bonus word. If, for instance, you reveal a 20x or 10x symbol in the multiplier box, you can win ten times or 20 times the displayed prize. Matching the letters of a bonus word can help you win instant cash prizes in this lottery game. $500,000 crossword is among the best MD lottery tickets with odds of 1 in 2.84. A ticket for this game costs $20.

Lucky 777

You only need $20 to purchase an MD lottery ticket for this game. This is one of the best scratch-offs that have overall odds of 1 in 2.94. For you to win this scratch-off, you have to match your numbers to the lucky numbers.

Doing this can help you win the corresponding prize. Since 7 is the lucky number in this game, revealing this number can help you win the corresponding prize up to 7 times. Lucky 777 is one of the most played lottery games in Maryland since it is quite rewarding and has simplified gameplay. If you are a beginner in scratch-offs, you can enjoy exploring this game.

Bonus Bingo x20

This MD lottery game gives you a chance to earn any amount between $20 and $500,000. The ticket price for this MD scratch-off is $20. Bonus Bingo x20 is one of the best MD lottery games with odds of 1 in 2.96. Once you buy the scratch-off ticket, you should check the instructions it comes to start playing.

In this game, you have to scratch off the caller’s numbers. It involves revealing 33 caller’s numbers as well as five bonus numbers. If the numbers that you scratch match the corresponding numbers on cards 1-10, you will start winning prizes in this game. Every card in Bonus Bingo x20 has a corresponding prize. The game is available at most sites that offer lottery scratch-offs in Maryland.

Money explosion

Before you begin buying Md lottery tickets, you should compare different games to identify the best ones. Money explosion is one of the scratch-offs that are highly ranked. This game has odds of 3.02. You can start playing this game by buying a ticket that is worth $20.

The scratch-off allows you to make up to $1,000,000. If you manage to match your numbers to the money explosion number in this game, all the 30 prizes will be revealed. This is not the only way of winning the game. You can also win a certain prize by matching your numbers to any of the winning numbers. If you reveal the money stack symbol, you can win that prize instantly.

Bingo x10

Lottery sites in Maryland continue compelling more people to buy tickets on such scratch-offs. If you are looking for an affordable lottery game that you can play, you should consider Bingo x10. The ticket price for this game is $10. The game has odds of 1 in 3.24 and a top prize of $100,000.

Once you have an MD lottery ticket for this game, you should scratch the bonus numbers and caller’s card and then match them every time they show up in the game puzzles. Revealing a win 10 symbol in caller’s card area can you help you earn $10 instantly.

Here is a summary of the best MD lottery games

Games Ticket price Odds
$500,000 crossword $20 1 in 2.84
Lucky 777 $20 1 in 2.94
Bonus Bingo x20 $20 1 in 2.96
Money explosion $20 1 in 3.02
Bingo x10 $10 1 in 3.24

Use the following tips as you buy MD lottery tickets

If you are looking forward to winning big prizes from lottery games, you should pay attention to the lottery’s homepage before purchasing tickets. This can help you figure out which specific games have been won. Consider paying for lottery games that still have lots of available prizes.

Focus on a retailer that sells recently released games. Every time a new lottery game is released, the lottery posts it on the website. Sometimes, you have to invest more in a lottery ticket for you to enjoy greater payoffs. Most cheap MD lottery tickets often have small payoffs and carry low chances of winning.


If you have been feeling lucky of late, you should consider betting on the lottery. More than half of the US residents spend at least $1,000 every month on lottery tickets. Though you can buy different MD lottery tickets, you should only spend your cash on the best games. You can get value for your cash by choosing games that have the best odds of winning. We have discussed some of the best of the games that you should consider buying tickets for to simplify your search. Good luck!


Should I choose low variance or high variance lottery games?

If you want to experience frequent wins, you should stick to low variance lottery games. High variance games are ideal for players looking for life-changing amounts.

Are online MD lottery games rigged?

No. If you play such games from a legit site in Maryland, you should not have such concerns since they cannot be rigged.