Maryland Lottery Rewards App, How to Cancel an Order

Once you order a Powerball ticket it cannot be canceled or voided once they have been processed. Players are therefore responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the data in their printed tickets, and this covers the drawings entered and the numbers played. The tickets will therefore, be valid for the drawing dates that have been printed on the ticket.

Gambling in the Maryland lottery app is completely voluntary and players are at liberty to either continue playing and they can also opt to cancel an order at the time of their choosing. Players are therefore permitted to voluntarily exclude themselves from both the Maryland Casinos and lotteries. And individuals who wish to cancel the Maryland lottery order will additionally exclude themselves from getting any lottery prizes among other direct email and mail promotions.

Players will additionally be banned from participating in the second chance drawings and this includes their rewards programs.

Facts about Maryland lottery order cancelation

Maryland lottery does not interfere with a player’s cancellation process. So what happens is that you will have to input your name on the list. You will then be provided with a form that you must submit in person at the Maryland lottery and gaming headquarters. Prior to taking the form to the headquarters, a player must call to make an appointment, but if you find this process hectic then you can always submit your cancellation form at any of the casinos located within the state.

Among the things that you will have to bring with you to the headquarters is your government-issued photo ID, and which will be used for the application process. Individuals who engage in this process are asked to always be conscious and not be under the influence of controlled substances or alcohol. The reason for engaging in this process with a sober mind is so that you can make a final sober and well-informed decision.

Maryland lottery does have a strict policy when it comes to the termination of its services by a player, so what will happen once you decide to take this route you will be excluded from all the casinos in Maryland. What’s more, is that Maryland lotteries may also proceed to ban you from accessing their affiliated casinos located in other states?

So in case, you will want to access the services of any of the Maryland casinos or those affiliated to Maryland, more especially those that are out of state, you will have to confirm with the casino before presenting yourself at the premises. Players and Gamblers will, therefore, have to confirm that they are allowed to either lodge at the out-of-state casinos and that they are even allowed to gamble. Ideally is that you should find out the restrictions that have been put in place and confirm that you are allowed to utilize the casino services.

Maryland lottery cancellation period

Most individuals who opt for this option are usually under some form of therapy and are, therefore, trying to recover from their gambling addiction problem. So what happens is that the Maryland lottery will give you options. You can either input your name in the list for a lifetime but if you are giving yourself a small break and would want to access the gambling services at a later date then you can opt for the two-year ban.

At the lapse of the two years a player has the right to request removal from the list but from the gaming commission. Important to note is that once you request removal, you must also meet the removal conditions so that you can be considered for removal from the list. Players and punters must know that before removal Maryland holds the right to decide if you should be removed from the voluntary exclusion program or not.

How to cancel MD lottery

Apart from canceling the services of the Md lottery, players can also cancel the service provider’s subscription and the md lotteries app from their device. Maryland lottery might not put your name on the service termination list but can cancel your subscription after you have put in a formal request. Players who play the md lottery through the Maryland lottery rewards app can request the service provider to erase their information.

The best way to make this request is through an email but you can always present yourself physically at their offices. Once you make your request in writing and send it through email, you will have evidence that you can use against the lottery if they fail to erase your data from their website. Besides, Lottery players are under the protection of the General Data Protection Regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act.

These bodies require your lottery service provider to delete a player’s information and by extension ask other affiliated service providers to do the same. Once a player has made a request, they will have to give the service provider up to 30 days, also players don’t have to explain why they want their data erased.

How to cancel the Maryland lottery rewards app from your device

The first step is to open the Google Play store, and then proceed to sign into one of your Google accounts. Then click on the menu and go to subscriptions. Select the Md lottery subscription that you want to cancel and then click on the cancel the subscription option. The advantage of going through this process is that once your subscription to the Md lottery has been removed, your future subscriptions will also be canceled and cannot be renewed anymore.

The above process only applies to android devices, but if you wish to cancel your Maryland lottery app from your iPhone or iPad, you will navigate to the settings app and click on your name. And tap on the subscriptions option, you will then click on your Apple ID, and when presented with the option view Apple ID, you can sign in, and scroll to the subscriptions button. You will then tap on the MD lottery subscriptions that you want to cancel.


Maryland does not compel players to use their website or application, and you are therefore free to cancel from their services and which will exclude you from all their services. You can cancel the various Maryland lottery apps, you can cancel your subscription and you can also cancel your membership from the lottery and the casino.


Who do I contact when I want to obtain the win/loss statements from the Maryland lottery?

Players who are on the self-exclusion list and are concerned about obtaining their win/loss statements will have to contact the Responsible Gaming Director at 410-230-8798. Players can also use this email fain further assistance.

Where can I get and complete the exclusion application forms?

Players will have to visit any Maryland Casino and complete the forms in person but during the casino operation hours.

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