A Guide to Lottery Wheeling Systems

Lottery wheeling is one of the most widely used methods for playing lotteries. However, like all other types of strategies for different types of lotteries, lottery wheeling has its own strategies too. We will discuss about what is lottery wheeling, why it is so famous, and what strategies we can use to win it.

What is Lottery Wheeling? 

Lottery wheeling is the simultaneous play of multiple groups of the same numbers. It may sound confusing, but it isn’t really. A good example is Congalotto.com. They provide an automated method that transitions a player from conventional numbers to wheeling.

Let’s take the case of Mega Millions. You simply select how many more numbers you want to play in addition to the normal five on their pick 5 lottery wheel. Their lotto wheel generator generates possible combinations and generates your tickets.

Why use a lottery wheel?

The goal of employing lottery wheel systems is to come up with combinations that provide the most efficient coverage of the set of lottery numbers you’ve chosen to play.

You wouldn’t have the most efficient coverage of your group of numbers, and you wouldn’t have a win guarantee if you took a group of lottery numbers and made your own sets of six numbers in the same number of combinations.

How do Lottery wheels work?

Wheeling groups your chosen lottery numbers into statistically defined combinations that increase your chances of winning a prize and guarantee one specified minimal prize if the group has a few or all of the winning numbers in it.

Strategies of Winning Lottery Wheels

Number strategy

Let’s say you choose 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and added 11 and 13 to your wheel of fortune. Some sites bring together every imaginable combination. Of course, they also charge for this though of course, so if you want to play a shortened wheel of seven numbers, the fee is $52.50 for 21 tickets. The cost of their 8-number combo wheeling is $140.00 for 56 tickets and $315 for 126.

Odd and Even Numbers

Some of the wheeling systems suggest that selecting specific combinations of numbers improves a player’s chances of winning. Some sites offer automated systems where you can select between playing your own numbers or using a quick pick. Most quick select systems have a filter built in to ensure that your numbers don’t come out all odd or all even.

Bonus Number Wheeling Strategy

The concept of wheeling on bonus numbers is used in a few lottery wheeling systems. In the same way, as in US Mega Millions, players select one bonus number from 1 to 15 in addition to the five regular numbers. If a player wants to spin the bonus number, they must first select their regular numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) before selecting a bonus number for each ticket line. It would cost $37.50 for 15 ticket lines if you wanted to wheel all of the possible bonus numbers.

Winning and Wheeling

The quantity of numbers you will wheel is only determined by your financial resources. It’s one of the reasons syndicates like lottery wheeling software, and that’s why it’s used so much with them. However, you are not required to purchase a system. Many of the online lottery suppliers provide a free lottery system.

Lucky Lottery Numbers

There are various debates on whether you should play your lucky lottery numbers or use a system based on numbers that are popular or haven’t been played in a long time. These are dependent on the use of filters, which are usually based on previous lottery results.

Full Wheel

A full wheel uses all of the potential lottery numbers in all combinations. This, however, is greatly expensive.

Pick 3 and Wheeling systems

Wheeling lotteries are often thought to function best for lotteries that require fewer numbers to win, such as Pick 3 and Pick 4. It’s also widely acknowledged that wheeling improves a player’s chances of winning many prizes at a low tier.

Wheeling Strategy

The basic fact is that the more numbers played, the better the chances of winning. Wheeling takes a systematic approach to this. It enhances the probability odds, but no technique can guarantee a win on the large jackpot unless you play the entire wheel, which is quite expensive. However, there are those huge jackpots out there, so it might just work.

Balanced Wheel Systems

Balanced Wheel Systems are mathematical tools that offer your money more leverage and increase your chances of winning considerably. They should be utilized whenever you play the lottery.

Number Selection Strategies

If you’re confused as to which numbers to use in your wheel, number selection strategies can help. Advantage Gold, a software that creates charts automatically, or Lottery Master Guide, a book that teaches you how to produce charts. These assist you in implementing a variety of strategies that will show you the trends in your lottery game. You can figure out which numbers are hot and which you should probably avoid. Then, for the highest chance of winning the lottery, insert those carefully chosen numbers into a lotto wheel.


Why do Lottery Wheels work?

Lottery wheels show you how to fill up your lotto bet slips in the sequence in which you want your numbers to appear. The lottery numbers you select are placed on your bet slips in a specific mathematical order, as specified by the system’s algorithms. You are assured to win at least one prize if the six, five, or four winning numbers are in the group of lottery numbers you have chosen to wheel. Of course, winning more than the stipulated minimum is always conceivable. You could win multiple lottery prizes at the same time or the first prize jackpot. In short, it’s a win win.


Using lotto tactics and strategies that lessen the odds against you is the key to winning more lottery prizes. Selection of scientific lotto numbers is essential, but wheeling is also vital. Have fun, think carefully and good luck.