Pick 4 Strategy guide

There are many pick 3 lottery strategies available for purchase, but no one has yet developed a viable pick 4 lottery strategy. The odds of winning the pick 4 lottery differ from the pick 3 lottery. Winning the pick 4 with a straight bet (1:10,000) is 10 times more difficult than winning the pick 3 with a straight bet (1:1000), but the payout is 10 times bigger for the pick 4 than the pick 3. Here are some strategies from the Pick 4 lottery game that you might find useful:

What is Pick 4 lottery?

Pick 4 is a regular Lottery game that pays 5000 to 1 if you match the lottery numbers that are supposed to be winning in according to either the Pick 4 day or Pick 4 evening games.

Matching all four winning numbers in the exact sequence drawn wins the Pick 4 top prize. Additional prizes are available depending on the type of game played.  The ways to win are determined by the numbers you choose.

Combinations with breakdowns

A total of 10,000 combinations with breakdowns are as follows:

  • 5,040 sets with all four digits different (3567),
  • 4,320 sets with one digit doubled (2559),
  • 270 sets with 2 digits doubled (4477),
  • 360 sets with 1 triple + 1 digit (2212),
  • 10 sets of quads (1111)

We can also look at it as:

  • 625 combinations (6.25%) are all odd. Example: 3579
  • 625 combinations (6.25%) are all even. Example: 0246
  • 2,500 combinations (25%) have 3 even and 1 odd number. Example: 0685
  • 3,750 combinations (37.5%) are equally even and odd. Example: 6937


Thorough understanding

To win the pick 4 lottery, you must have a thorough understanding of historical data from your state’s pick 4 drawings over the previous 30 days.

Aware of patterns

You must also be aware of the patterns that are related to your chosen four states. Are the majority of the drawings, for example, different numbers or odd figures? Is it possible to have even numbers? Is there a way to do it in numbers? Is this a hot number? What is the sum of three numbers plus one more number? Quads? If you wish to win the pick 4 lottery on a regular basis, you must thoroughly analyze your state’s winning choice 4 numbers.


Before you go and get another pick 4 lottery ticket, it’s important to do research before wasting your money. It’s a terrible feeling to lose all the time, but if you figure out a winning pick 4 method, you’ll forget about it.

Picking up on trends

Your state’s pick 4 lottery may have various trends that you can pick up on to significantly boost your chances of winning.

24-way box bet form

Even though it is significantly less likely than winning a straight pick 4, the 24 way box form gives you the best chance of winning.

Tips to remember

  • The best advice to ever give is to never give up no matter what, even if you aren’t winning a single pick 4 lottery with one strategy. Try other pick 4 strategies.
  • Pick 4 paper and pencil methods, as well as the pick 4 key number wheel, are probably familiar to a lot of people. Just to be clear, these pick four systems do not work in any way. It is unquestionably preferable to save both time and money.
  • Pick 4 systems aren’t all the same. Some Pick 4 Systems will improve your odds of winning the lottery, while others will decrease your chances. Some of the Pick 4 strategies that are advertised on the internet defy logic.
  • When looking for a Pick 4 system to invest in, players should search for one that has a track record of success. Players should consider what the system can offer and how many Pick 4 numbers are available that have playable winning potential when using a specific method.


If you know how to play the pick 4 lottery correctly, it may be incredibly profitable. Many well-known people used to lose tens of thousands of dollars a year playing the pick 4, but those who found a winning pick 4 strategy that is certain to win have completely turned their life around.