Pick 3 Strategy: A Guide

Pick 3, also known as Cash 3, Play 3, or Daily 3 in different states, is a famous lottery game. It’s relatively easier to win than other lottery games. The prizes are nicer, and you get them instantly.

Even while the odds are greater than Powerball or Mega Millions, they are still one in a thousand. Using a good Pick 3 method to find number patterns that are winning in your state will help you increase your chances of winning.

There are several pick 3 strategies to choose from, but we handpicked only the best pick-3 strategies sequenced from easiest to hardest. They are as follows.

What is a Pick 3 strategy?

Before we get started on the actual strategies, you should get a little basic understanding of what is a pick 3 strategy in general.

The Pick 3 strategy includes using simple math to find recurring trends in previous winning numbers.

These patterns help you narrow down the pool of numbers from which to choose, boosting your chances of winning.

Basic concepts

Before diving into the various tactics, it’s essential to grasp the basic terminologies and concepts. You’re not alone if this is all too much to take in. As a result, the most straightforward solution is to use simple Pick 3 software to abstract some of the more complex and time-consuming calculations.

Hot numbers

These are the numbers that have been drawn the most frequently in the previous few draws.

Cold numbers

These are the numbers that weren’t drawn in the previous few draws.


Backtracking is the method of analyzing recent drawings to determine which method is now performing best for your state. So, for example, you might look at draws from the previous week and see which approach produced the most winning numbers for the whole week.


Mirror numbers

When you add 5 to a number, you obtain a mirror number, also known as a sister number. As a result, the mirror number for 1 is 6, 3 is 8, and so on. The example below might be used as a quick reference.

1 2 3 4 5
– – – – –   ← Mirror
6 7 8 9 0

Lottery mathematics

Lottery math is similar to ordinary math, with one exception. Because you can’t carry over or borrow like you can in ordinary math, 10 + 2 isn’t equal to 12. Because you didn’t carry over the 1, it’s a 2.

Lottery Math Examples

4+5=9 ← same as regular math

4+6=0 ← instead of 10

4+7=1 ← instead of 11

9-7=2 ← same as regular math

6-6=0 ← same as regular math

5-7=8 ← same as 15-7

1-9=2 ← same as 11-9

Date sum

Using lottery math, the sum of the month and date is called Date Sum. You don’t care about the year.

Date Sum Examples

For draw date of 12/22/2019:
12+22=34 ← 4 instead of 34 (lottery math).

For draw date of 5/18/2020:
Date Sum = 5+18=3 ← 3 instead of 23 (lottery math).

Pick 3 sum

Using normal math, Pick 3 sum is the total of all the draw numbers.

Draw Numbers 3 1 5 = 3+1+5=9

Draw Numbers 6 4 8 = 6+4+8=18

Draw Numbers 0 9 6 = 0+9+6=15

Root sum

Root Sum is similar to Pick 3 Sum, you only add the separate digits together if the sum is higher than two digits.

Draw Numbers 3 1 5 = 3+1+5=9

Draw Numbers 6 4 8 = 6+4+8=18 =>1+8=9 ← Root Sum

Draw Numbers 0 9 6 = 0+9+6=15 =>1+5=6 ← Root Sum

Hit Sum

Hit sum is the total of draw numbers, also known as Draw Sum or Base Sum, is calculated using lottery math.

Draw Numbers 3 1 5 = 3+1+5=9

Draw Numbers 6 4 8 = 6+4+8=18

Draw Numbers 0 9 6 = 0+9+6=15

Widely used Pick 3 strategies

Strategy 1: Using technology

We all know that computers are superior at processing numbers and detecting patterns than people. As a result, computers and technology have been ingrained in every part of our life.

However, many people do not use computers to assist them in selecting lottery numbers. They have the misconception that all software products are either pricey or difficult to use.

They are correct in some circumstances. However, we looked through the numerous software possibilities for the Pick 3 game and identified one that we believe is the finest.


Pick3Sniper employs extensive statistical analysis of draw history to restrict the pool of numbers from which you can choose, making number selection 600% easier!

It does not claim to determine the numbers for the future drawing (as some mistakenly claim) but instead reduces the pool of numbers to choose from ten to six, increasing your chances of winning significantly.

Reasons why we chose Pick3sniper over the many others because:

  • It’s very easy to use. You don’t need to download any software, and you don’t even have to keep up with updates on a regular basis. Nothing. It’s completely online. To use the tool, simply enter your login credentials.
  • It is very easily accessible. Pick3Sniper is completely online, so you may use it on any device – laptop, smartphone, or tablet. When you go to a convenience store for a cup of coffee, do you feel like buying Pick 3 tickets? You can utilize the program right there on your phone, so don’t worry.
  • There is software available for hundreds of dollars that isn’t necessarily superior to Pick3Sniper, which is about $37 for a full year of access. That’s around $3 each month, or about the cost of a cup of coffee from a coffee shop.
  • The software comes with a well-written, extensive user manual that explains how to run it and the steps you must take. You can also reach out to a helpful and responsive support team by email.


Visit their website to find out more about their software Pick3Sniper.

Strategy 2: +1 Rundown or 111

This is one of the easiest tactics to learn and is ideal for novices who are just getting started with Pick 3 strategies. For the 111 or +1 rundown, follow these instructions.

  • On a piece of paper, write down the winning numbers for your state.
  • Add a 1 to every number and add the result in a new different row.

Arizona Pick 3’s draw from June 11th, 2020

2 3 6 ← AZ Pick 3 06/11/20

– – –

3 4 7 ← Add 1’s to each number

  • Step #2 should be repeated until the final number equals the original draw number.

Continuing with the above example:

2 3 6 ← AZ Pick 3 06/11/20

– – –

3 4 7 ← Add 1’s to each number

4 5 8 ← Repeat the step

5 6 9

6 7 0 ← Lottery Math 9+1=0

7 8 1

8 9 2

9 0 3 ← Lottery Math 9+1=0

0 1 4 ← Lottery Math 9+1=0

1 2 5

2 3 6 ← same as draw numbers

  • Between the first and last rows, you can play any of the following numbers: 347, 458, 569, 670, 781, 892, 903, 014, and 125.
  • You can also choose a pair with the most hot or cold numbers in it.

Arizona Pick 3’s hot numbers are 6, 2, and 5.


You can stick with the pair 5-6-9 for a week.

  • It’s necessary to go back and double-check whether this method is working in your state, and if so, whether it’s working with hot or cold figures.

Strategy 3: 238 Rundown

A straightforward tactic such as the 111 or +1 Rundown. When it’s working for your state, it’s simple but incredibly successful.

Simply remove 238 from the draw number and play the box strategy with that pair. Here’s a brief example.

Using California’s Daily 3 MidDay draw from June 11th, 2020

9 0 7 ← CA Pick 3 MidDay 06/11

2 3 8 ← Subtract each column

– – –

7 7 1 ← Result using lottery math

For a few days, you can play 7-7-1 box. It’s always a good idea to go back and double-check that the method is working successfully for your state first.


Given the time-consuming nature of backtracking and the fact that you must do so every week, we believe that using software like Pick3Sniper is the optimal Pick3 Strategy. Feel free to choose any of the other strategies, and good luck.