Maryland lottery pick 3/pick 4

Would you like to start playing Maryland lottery games? If yes, some of the games that you should consider are Pick 3 and Pick 4.

These are popular draw games that grab the attention of many. Both games have similar types of bets and two draws. They, however, differ in that Pick 3 involves picking three digits while Pick 4 involves picking four digits. Pick 4 has a higher top prize compared to the Pick 3 lottery game. Here is more!

Introduction to Maryland Lottery Pick 3

Many lottery players consider this their favorite draw game. Pick 3 has a top jackpot prize of $500. Since this lottery game draws at least twice a day, it gives players more opportunities to win each day. This game is played in threes, and it rewards in threes. The amount that you can win in this lottery game depends on your bet value and the play style you choose.

Between Monday and Friday, the draw takes place at 12.27 pm midday, while on weekends, it takes place at around 12.28 pm. If you choose to play this Maryland lottery game, you should also watch out for the Evening draw, which takes place at 7.56 pm from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, the evening draw takes place at 8.22 pm.

How to play Pick 3

This is a simple Maryland lottery game that you can learn within a few minutes. You should first start by taking your payslip and picking three digits from numbers 0-9. You should mark the numbers that you pick on the payslip’s panel with a vertical stroke. Each panel represents one play. This lottery game gives gamers the liberty to play up to 5 times per payslip.

If you don’t want to select the numbers, you can let the computer pick them on your behalf. For this option, you should mark a quick pick. Once you do this, you should select a bet type from the different options available. Take your time to determine the amount of wager that you would like to invest in the Pick 3 game.

Feel free to play your numbers for numerous draws in a row. On the number of draw section, you should specify whether you would like to play in the Evening or Midday. In Pick 3, some of the types of bets that you can pick from including the following.

  • Straight-in this, you have to match the winning numbers in exact order. If, for instance, the numbers that you choose are 123, you can win the game if the numbers drawn are 123 in that same order.
  • Box– This type of bet involves matching the winning numbers regardless of the order. For instance, you can win the game if the drawn numbers are 121, 211, or 112.
  • Straight and Box-This is also another type of bet that can help you win as you play the Pick 3 lottery. Since it combines a box bet and a straight bet, it involves matching the winning numbers in exact order or in any order. This bet type is available at only $1 per ticket.
  • Combo-You can also boost your chances of succeeding in Pick 3 lottery games by choosing this bet type. It involves playing straight bets for all the combinations of the numbers that you choose.
  • Pairs-Some experienced gamers in Pick 3 prefer using this bet type. In this, you have to match the last or first two digits of the winning number for you to win the game.

Each type of bet in Pick 3 comes with a specific prize amount. This is based on the odds of winning as well as how much you choose to wager. Here is a summary of the Pick 3 odds of winning and payouts.

Bet type $1 bet prize $0.50 bet prize Odds
Straight $500 $250 1 in 1000
Box: 3 way $160 $80 1 in 333
Straight/Box 3 way $330 (exact)

$80 (any)

N/A 1 in 1000

1 in 333

Combo: 6 way $500 $250 1 in 167
Combo: 3 way $500 $250 1 in 333

Maryland lottery Pick 4

If you are looking for a lottery draw game that offers bigger prizes than Pick 3, you should consider Pick 4. This is another well-known Maryland lottery game that has a top jackpot prize of $5000. Like Pick 3, the draws for the Pick 4 lottery are held every day twice. In this lottery game, the evening draw takes place at 7.56 pm from Monday to Saturday. You can also pick from the different types of bets that lottery retailers offer for this game.

How to play Pick 4

To gain cash prizes from this game, you must first understand the right way to play it. The game involves picking four numbers from 0-9. This lottery game allows you to play a maximum of five times per payslip. You can either choose to play with different or similar numbers.

Ensure that you mark every digit that you pick with a pen. If, for instance, you make an error during marking, you should mark the void box on the payslip’s panel. If you don’t want to pick the digits yourself, you can let the computer select the numbers randomly for you by marking the quick pick option.

This lottery game is not very different from Pick 3 since it has similar types of bets that you can pick from. They include:

  • Straight– To win through this type of bet, the number you pick should be a match for the number drawn. The digits also have to be in the same order. For instance, if you picked numbers such as 1234, you can win if the drawn numbers are 1234. If the digits are not in that order, such as 4321, you will not win.
  • Combo-Apart from the straight bet, you can also play the Maryland lottery Pick 4 by making a combo bet. This type of bet comes with different options, including 24 way, 12 way, 6 way, and 4 way combo. If, for instance, you choose a 4 way combo bet, your number should have at least three of the same digits.
  • Box-This is a simple bet that can help you win something from playing the Pick 4 lottery game. It involves matching the drawn numbers in any order. For instance, if the numbers that you pick are 1112, you can win a prize if the drawn numbers are 2111, 1211, 1121, or 1112.
  • Straight/box– Like in the Pick 3 lottery, the Pick 4 lottery also offers this type of bet. It combines both box and straight play. The ticket for this bet type is $1.00.

In Maryland lottery pick 4, the amounts that you can win from different bet types depend on the odds of winning as well as your wager. For instance, the odds of winning a straight bet is 1 in 10,000.


If you have been wondering which lottery games you can play, check out Pick 3 and Pick 4. Most people choose these games since they have simplified gameplay. You only need to pick the right type of bet and decide how much you would like to wager. You can win different amounts from playing either of these Maryland lottery games. Good luck!


Where can I play Pick 3 from?

You can play this game from any reputable lottery provider in Maryland.

How much can I make from playing Pick 4?

You can make any amount up to $5,000.

Davis Stone is passionate about gambling, he believes that there is no one size fits all formula to winning the lottery. However, by utilizing the correct strategy players can win the lotto jackpot. For example, players who buy the lotto tickets should choose numbers that coincide with the range of numbers from the lottery that they are planning to join. Also to become a potential winner by playing the lottery, players must invest in more tickets. Also, playing unpopular games that normally run at odd times tends to increase a player's chances of bagging huge profits. Stone insists that punters should also be keen to settle with lotteries that offer actual winning opportunities to its players like the Maryland lottery.