How to play lucky 7s scratch-off

Whether you have been playing scratch-offs for some time or are a complete newbie, you can enjoy playing lucky 7s. This is a popular scratch-off game that can help you win different cash prizes.

To play, you first have to buy a ticket from the options available. After this, you can then follow the instructions outlined on the ticket. If you manage to match the numbers correctly, you can win different prizes. Find out more!

What is the lucky 7s scratch-off?

This is a popular game that involves scratching a certain card to reveal hidden numbers. In this scratch-off game, 7 is the lucky number. Retailers that offer scratch-off games work hard to deliver different tickets for the lucky 7s scratch-off so that you never lack options. Lucky 7s scratch-off is loaded with lots of prizes that many people win from time to time. This is one of the easiest scratch-off games that you can enjoy playing.

Here is how to play lucky 7s scratch off

When you are ready to start playing this scratch-off game, you will come across at least five lucky 7s scratch-off tickets. These tickets come at different prices. You can pick from the following tickets.

  • $2 lucky 7s ticket
  • $5 lucky 7s ticket
  • $10 lucky 7s ticket
  • $20 lucky 7s ticket
  • $30 lucky 7s ticket

Let us look at each ticket and the gaming instructions it comes with.

$30 lucky 7s scratch-off ticket

This is the most bought ticket among regular gamers. If you have been playing scratch-offs for a while and don’t mind spending some extra cash on them, you should consider investing this much. From this lucky 7s ticket, you can win any amount between $20,000 and $5,000,000.

For you to get a chance of winning this lucky 7s scratch-off, start by getting rid of the latex covering on the play area. This will help you reveal 30 of your numbers as well as ten winning numbers. Each of the 30 numbers is accompanied by a specific price amount. If, after uncovering the play area, you reveal a symbol such as 7, you will win the displayed prize. If you reveal a lucky play symbol, you can win up to ten times the displayed prize. Revealing a moneybag symbol can help you win up to $2500 instantly.

$20 lucky 7s scratch-off ticket

If you are not willing to invest $30 on this scratch-off game, you can still make a significant amount from buying the $20 lucky 7s ticket from a retailer. This is also popular among gamers looking for instant wins. You can win up to $2,000,000 from it. The odds for this are 1 in 3.48.

Most people who have tried playing this reveal that it is straightforward. You should try to match your numbers to the lucky numbers. Doing this can help you win the prize indicated below the number. If you manage to reveal a gold pot symbol, you can win that prize instantly. Revealing a horseshoe symbol can help you win double the prize.

In this form of lucky 7s scratch-off game, a gold bar symbol is quite valuable since it can help you win triple the prize. If you are lucky enough to get a bubble symbol, you can win all the 20 prizes displayed. Apart from that, revealing a 7 in a bonus spot can help you win the specific prize amount.

$10 lucky 7s ticket

Different retailers also give scratch-off fans a chance to play Lucky 7s by buying a $10 ticket. You can win as much as $1,000,000 from this. All you have to do is match your numbers to some of the winning numbers displayed.

Once you do this, you can win a prize below the match. If the match ends in numbers such as o7, 27, or 17, you may end up winning double the prize displayed below the match. If during your gameplay you get a win-all symbol, you can win all the prizes displayed. The overall odds for this lucky 7s scratch-off game is 1 in 3.75.

$5 lucky 7s ticket

If you only have $5 to play lucky 7s, you can find a retailer that can accommodate your budget. Buying this ticket allows you to play lucky 7s. With this ticket, you can win up to $500,000. The odds for this is 1 in 4.18. As you play lucky 7s using this ticket, you should hope to get highly rewarding symbols such as the horseshoe, pot of gold, winall, and gold bar.

Here is a summary of the tickets you can buy for Lucky 7s

Ticket Price
$5 lucky 7s ticket Up to $500,000
$10 lucky 7s ticket Up to $1,000,000
$20 lucky 7s ticket Up to $2,000,000
$30 lucky 7s Up to $5,000,000

Find out how you can claim prizes once you win in lucky 7s scratch-off

Once you win a specific prize using either of the Lucky 7s scratch-off cards, you should discover how you can claim it. While some people choose to play lucky 7s scratch-off through a brick-and-mortar site, others prefer online platforms. Playing this scratch-off online is time-saving.

To play online, you must first register with an online account. If you have been playing this scratch-off online, the website can transfer your prize amount to your wallet as soon as possible. You can withdraw the winning by logging in and then clicking on the section labeled my account. You should then click on withdraw and specify the amount that you wish to withdraw from the account. The amount is often issued by cheque.

If you win a big prize amount, the cheque can be sent to your address by post. Most retailers ask for age and identification details from online players who claim prizes for winning such a scratch-off game. If you win a prize amount of more than $10,000, you may have to visit the national lottery HQ in person for verification before you can receive the cheque.

According to the rules of retailers that offer this scratch-off game, every winner has to claim their prize within 90 days. If you are an online player experiencing issues with claiming your prize, you can contact the support team for assistance.

If you bought a lucky 7s scratch-off ticket from a shop and win, you have to claim the prize within the same duration. Avoid losing the ticket since this is the only valid proof you have. You must present the ticket so that you can claim the prize. Consider bringing a photo ID for verification.


Though there are lots of scratch-off games that people play, many people prefer Lucky 7s. This is a simple scratch-off game that is very easy to play. You only need to buy one of the tickets that we have discussed and follow the instructions it comes with. You can win a small or large prize amount depending on the numbers you match and the ticket you buy. Good luck!


Can I play lucky 7s scratch-off on mobile?

Yes. Most retailers that offer such games give you the option of playing them either through a desktop or mobile. Playing this scratch-off game through a mobile app is more convenient.

What is the least amount I need to start playing lucky 7s scratch-off?

If you want to play this scratch-off for the first time, you should first invest the least amount. You can buy a ticket for only $2. This has a top prize of $20,000.

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