How to Win Mega Millions by Defeating Mega Million Odds

Mega millions are one of the most popular lotto games in the world. Even normal people, who typically don’t play lotto games, purchase mega Millions lottery game tickets and hope to change their lives. The cost is also small; you must pay a dollar daily to play the lotto game.

How Does the Mega Millions game Work?

Those who want a Megaplier option have to pay an extra dollar daily to play the game. The whole intention of parting with a dollar or two dollars is to strike it rich with the multi-million dollar jackpot.

The Mega millions lotto game was introduced in 1996 and was initially called The Big Game. In 2002, the name was changed. The tickets for this lotto game first went on sale on 31st August 1996 in 6 U.S. States.

Those states were Michigan, Massachusetts, Virginia, Illinois, Georgia, and Maryland. The minimum prize money for the game was 15 million dollars, and the prize money continues to increase with each game until one or two players win the top prize.

There are also other prizes in the game besides the jackpot, starting from a 1 dollar and going all the way up to a million. Currently, 44 states in America play the Mega Millions lottery game, which includes the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

On 28th October 2017, a change was expected to occur in the game’s format. The price per play will rise to 2 dollars, from the previous value of 1 dollar. The Megaplier feature in the game, which cost 1 dollar (before October 2017), will sell for 3 dollars. Players will also have choices for 2 plays for.

Expansion of Mega Millions

An agreement was made to take out the Powerball mega million vs. the mega millions competition for players. Now, due to this agreement, both groups of players can sell tickets to each other. This partnership is also referred to as the ‘Mega Power Lottery.’

Since 13th October 2009, members of the Powerball can sell tickets for the Mega million game and vice versa.

How to Play the Game?

Playing and winning the Mega Millions game differs from playing and winning the Powerball. However, we will help you understand how you can play the Mega Millions lotto game. To play the game, there are two types of pools; both range from 1 to 75.

Players are then required to pick 6 lotto numbers in the following way. 5 out of the 6 lotto numbers are picked from a pool that contains 75 white ball numbers. The remaining number for the Mega Ball is picked for the mega ball with numbers 1 to 15.

You can randomly draw any of the 6 lottery numbers. If there is a mistake on your payslip and you realize that mistake before submitting it, pick the numbers from the next panel after ticking the void box.

There is also an option of Easy Pick, which will enable the computer to pick the 6 numbers for you. To activate this option, all you need to do is ask the clerk.

If you feel that the six numbers set on the payslip will win you the prize money and don’t have the time to replay it before each lottery draw, the provision will multi-draw will enable you to pick numbers that will make you eligible for 10 straight games.

To activate this option, you must tick the multi-draw box. However, you cannot cancel the Mega Millions ticket once it has been printed.

Why Players Activate the Megaplier Option

The Megaplier feature increases the player’s non-jackpot prize money winnings by a multiple of 2 to 5. It is optional to purchase the Megaplier feature in all jurisdictions apart from California. Many people also use wheeling systems and decide to play the Megaplier feature because they have a good chance of winning multiple prizes on their tickets.

Usually, players choose the Megaplier for the Mega Million draw, and non-jackpot prizes are won by selecting Megaplier.

How to win the Jackpot Prize?

The most common question asked by lotto players is ‘How many numbers are required on a ticket to win the Mega Millions lotto game .’All 6 numbers a player picks to play the game should match 6 numbers drawn by the lotto game machine to have the best chance of winning the jackpot prize money.

While it is tough to match all the 6 lotto numbers accurately, as the odds are stacked heavily against you, there are lotto systems that can significantly reduce the odds against you. These lotto systems have helped many players win lotto games.

How do players Achieve the Jackpot?

Another common question that most people ask has whether anyone ever won the Mega Million lotto game? Many stories of former winners prove that players have won approximately 656 million dollars. This is the biggest jackpot prize money in the history of the Mega Millions lotto game.

The sum was won on 30th March 2012, on 3 tickets from Maryland, Kansas, and Illinois. Each player picks a cash option of 158 million dollars, totaling up to 474 million dollars. 182 million dollars were paid to every winner. The prize money is being paid through 30 graduated annual payments.

How Frequent are Jackpot Wins?

The stats of Mega Million can be used to understand how frequent jackpot wins occur. The odds of winning this lotto game are about 1 in 258 million. That being said, by applying mathematical formulas, odds in the lotto games can be reduced significantly.

How to Choose the Winning Lotto Numbers?

There are many systems that players can use to generate lotto numbers on their tickets. Apart from players making their Mega Millions generator, players can choose their numbers to play on the lotto ticket. The website of Mega Millions offers a random number generator.

The Perfect Formula for Mega Millions?

While some people believe that winning the jackpot depends on coincidence and luck, other players believe there is a formula to win the lotto games. However, past winners will need to reveal their winning methods to devise a formula for the Mega Millions.


This article thoroughly discussed the Megan Millions and how you can play and win the lotto game. While it is tough to win this game, it is not impossible; you should always have effective methods.