How to Check My Maryland Lottery Ticket Online

To check your Maryland lottery ticket online all you have to do is download the Maryland Official App. The application has been configured to provide players with information about the lottery and even perform some of the basic functions like checking the Maryland lottery ticket online. Through the application, players can, therefore, check the past and current winning numbers and that is for all of the draw games.

Players can also use the Maryland lottery Official app to scan their tickets and find out if they are winners. The application has additionally been configured to allow players to create and save their electronic payslips for their favorite games. They can also retrieve information about the ongoing jackpot and even set the jackpot alerts. Other relevant information that can be retrieved from the website are the latest scratch-off games and the remaining prizes.

And the best of all the functions of the Maryland lottery official app is that it can be used to identify and trace the Maryland retailers who are within a player’s locality. What’s more is that the Maryland mobile applications are the ultimate solution to player problems because, with the different types of apps, players scan their tickets, and access My Lottery reward points.

How to check tickets

By checking your Maryland lottery ticket, you will be able to retrieve specific information about the particular lottery ticket, for example, you will be able to establish whether it is a winning ticket. The scanning process is pretty direct and all you have to do is hold your phone about 4-6 inches above the ticket but be sure to position the barcode so that it is fully visible in the viewfinder triangle.

How to check tickets online on the Marylands lottery website

Players can also check the winning numbers for the Maryland draw games and the good thing is that once you get into the website you will be able to even check the past winning numbers because they have been instinctively arranged by game and by the drawing date. Under this option, you will be able to check the winning numbers for almost all the games, including Keno, Race Trax, Cash4life, Powerball double play, and pick 3 or Pick 4.

Additionally, on the right side of the web page is a search resource that has been configured to retrieve games results by month and year. The resource has three slots, the top slot is where you input the name of the game and on the two remaining slots, you will input the month and year. Other information that you can retrieve from the resource are the detailed monthly drawings.

Under this option, you will be able to check the evening drawings, the midday drawings, Cash4life, the Multi-Match drawings and you can also retrieve information about the winners. Notable is that not only will you be able to view this information but you will also be able to share, print and even make copies.

How to check My Maryland instant Ticket

Checking your Maryland instant ticket is easy and will take a very short time, so first, you want to make sure that you have scratched off the bottom of your favorite instant game ticket. And using the downloaded application on your phone, you can proceed to scan the bottom of your favorite drawing style games.

Information derived from checking your Maryland lottery ticket online

Buying and scratching your lottery card gets you a step closer to winning the lottery. But after scratching the ticket, players always wonder what lies behind the card. And it will remain a mystery until you can find the relevant mobile application, scan the ticket to reveal whether it is a winning ticket or not. The lottery app has, therefore, incorporated tools, some of which can be used to retrieve information about the tickets, we will, therefore, highlight the function of the tools incorporated in the lottery app.

Group play– this is a function that allows players to play the lottery with their colleagues and friends. The feature has been incorporated to add more fun to the lottery game playing experience. And to exploit the full potential of this option, players will first have to set a pool for themselves and their co-workers.

Winning numbers– If you are among the players that play the lottery draw games then you can easily access the results online. This option provides players with timely information and they can be able to know if their tickets won or lost early enough. In essence, is that a player will be able to view the winning numbers for all the Maryland lottery draw games.

Find a retailer- If you were thinking of looking for a casino to purchase the Maryland lottery tickets, you might want to think again because it might take you an awful lot of time and money to travel and find one. So, to make playing the lotteries worth your time, Maryland allows players to check the location of the Maryland lottery retailers online. Through the app, players can easily locate the retailers and purchase lottery tickets.

Subscriptions- By using the Maryland application, players will also be treated to a variety of games and which they can access instantly, be it the Megamillions, Multi-Match, Powerball, and cash for life.


Maryland Lottery has developed various tools and applications that players can use to check their Maryland lottery tickets online. Apart from the many tools are the resources that can be used to retrieve information about the specific games. There are also tools but players must first log in to the lotteries website to make good use of them. And lastly, the Maryland lottery website has incorporated a search resource that allows you to retrieve ticket information by game, month, and year.


Where can I download the Maryland Lottery Official App?

The Maryland lottery official app can be downloaded from the Google app.

Can I check my Maryland lottery instant ticket online?

Yes, you can check your Maryland lottery instant ticket online through the Maryland lottery official app. Players can also check their draw tickets.

Davis Stone is passionate about gambling, he believes that there is no one size fits all formula to winning the lottery. However, by utilizing the correct strategy players can win the lotto jackpot. For example, players who buy the lotto tickets should choose numbers that coincide with the range of numbers from the lottery that they are planning to join. Also to become a potential winner by playing the lottery, players must invest in more tickets. Also, playing unpopular games that normally run at odd times tends to increase a player's chances of bagging huge profits. Stone insists that punters should also be keen to settle with lotteries that offer actual winning opportunities to its players like the Maryland lottery.