What Time Can You Cash Scratch-Offs In Maryland

Scratch-off tickets won from the Maryland lottery can be cashed any time at the different authorized retailers but this must be done within 182 days from the drawing date. The above covers winning tickets for the various draw games such as Bonus Match 5, 5 Card Cash, Pick 3, Pick 4, and Megamillions among others. Players must also note that the last dates that they can claim their prizes on scratch-off tickets will be different on each ticket.

Players should, therefore, check their scratch-off tickets if by any chance they discover that the tickets don’t have the last date to claim then that means that no date has been established. Generally, the last date to claim a scratch-off ticket is usually announced with a 182 days’ notice.

The Scratch-off finder

The scratch-off finder is a resource from the Maryland lottery and has been configured to help players find the perfect scratch-off. The resource can be used to search for tickets by name and the players can then narrow their search down by prize. And after they have marked their favorites, they can be sure that the resource will keep the memory for the next time that they initiate a search.

And if the above process does not provide the desired results, you can still use the Order and Show dropdowns, as this procedure will help refine your search.

Cashing your scratch off by mail

Maryland is your one-stop-shop for the lottery games and cashing options, players are, therefore, allowed to cash their prizes in different ways for example the huge cash prizes must be redeemed at the Expanded Cashing Authority program retailer’s, the Maryland Lottery offices, or the Maryland casinos but within the 182 days. Players are also advised to visit the premises within their official work hours to avoid inconveniences.

Individuals can also claim their prizes by mail but they will first have to print a claim form, fill it out and send it together with the ticket. Players should, therefore, visit the Maryland website and search for the how-to claim page, here they will be provided with the claim form and the mailing address.

How to claim scratch-offs in Maryland

Maryland has authorized retailers in Maryland to award cash prizes to legitimate winning ticket holders. Important to note is that the Maryland retailers can only redeem tickets that have a value of up to $600. Scratch-offs with a value of $5,000 must be redeemed at the Maryland lottery Expanded Cashing Authority program retailer. The authorized business that runs this program total 400 and you can view their location on the Marylands How to Claim page.

Alternatively winning scratch-offs, can be easily redeemed at Maryland’s lottery office in Baltimore. But huge winning tickets such as those that have a value of $25,000 must be redeemed at the Marylands lottery office, players who have to visit the service provider’s lottery office must be sure to make prior appointments because walk-ins are highly discouraged.

They must also go alone unless they are physically disabled, the winning ticket holder must also be sure to cover his/her face, and they must carry the relevant personal identification documents. Arrival time is 5 minutes before the appointment, and if they are late by five minutes then they will have to go back and schedule another appointment.

Ticket processing time

The excitement of winning the lottery can make you want to cash your ticket as fast as possible but that will not be possible because the lottery will need time to process your reward. Players will, therefore, have to wait for up to 15 business days for the lottery to process winning tickets that are valued at more than $25,000.

When it comes to rewards and the winning tickets, players can always use the Maryland lottery rewards app, but then again some players have reported that they experience problems when they want to sign in to their My Lottery Rewards app. Some have even complained of not being able to enter their tickets. In such a scenario Maryland lottery has published the number of the rewards player services staff (1-800-201-0108) at their website that players can use to call and explain the difficulties that they are experiencing.

There is also a help form that they can fill and submit, the help form will detail the problems that the player is experiencing when entering their tickets and when signing into My Lottery rewards.

When are the Maryland winning numbers drawn?

Maryland lottery drawings are carried out seven days a week and there is also a schedule of the drawings that are aired live on TV. The 5 card cash drawings are usually done off-air, other games such as the video pick 3, pick 4, the multi-match drawings, and the bonus match 5 can be found at Maryland’s lottery website.

Players who are into the Cash 4 life drawings, must know that the drawings for this game are televised so the only way to catch up with its progress is that you will have to view it live every day at 9 pm. Powerball and Megamillions have their drawing videos on their websites.

How to determine a winning Maryland ticket

To know whether your scratch-off ticket has lost or won, you can scan it at the lottery ticket checkers, you can also use Maryland’s lottery mobile apps, which will show you whether your ticket is expired, or whether it is a non-winner. Additionally, to be on the safe side, players can also visit the winning numbers page on Mdlottery.com to establish if the tickets that they hold are indeed winners.


Maryland lottery scratch-offs must be cashed within 182 days from the day of winning, all the tickets are subject to a period of processing, so you will not be awarded your cash prize immediately. The big tickets are subject to Federal and State tax and players must ensure that their documents have the same details especially when it comes to names. Huge winning tickets are redeemed at the Expanded Cashing Authority program retailer or the Lotteries mail office.

Can Maryland lottery retailers redeem cash vouchers?

No, Maryland lottery retailers cannot redeem cash vouchers instead players will have to redeem them at Maryland’s lottery’s customer resource center in Baltimore.

Do I have to include the original ticket in the mails claim?

Yes, you must include the original ticket in the mails claim with copies of your ID and proof of the Social Security Number.

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