Lottery Strategies and tips to Win Big and Smart

A lottery strategy is used by many people who desire to play the lottery and increase their chances of winning a jackpot. A lottery strategy is a system or approach for selecting lottery numbers to play in the hopes of predicting which ones will be picked more frequently.

Winning lottery numbers are chosen completely at random. Some people believe there are ways to beat the system. And, who knows, some of these strategies might be lucky for you because people have won the lottery several times.

Although luck plays an important role in any game of chance, there are some tactics that can help you win big. Take Richard Lustig, for example, who has won the lottery seven times. Do you believe he accomplished this astounding feat entirely by chance? Certainly not! Instead, he devised a sound approach and followed it for years before reaping the benefits of his work.

Many lottery winners are quiet about their winning strategies. There’s probably a good reason behind that: if everyone knew what strategies offered them the best chance of winning, it would be a disaster. However, we were able to gather some data that can help you boost your odds of winning the lottery.

Here are seven lottery strategies that’ll help you win the big jackpot:

Avoid Quick Pick

Let’s begin with the most obvious lottery winning approach. Unlike a lottery-ticket-buying method, this one is really straightforward. All you have to do is avoid quick-pick lottery tickets and instead choose numbers generated at random.

Quick-pick lottery tickets are, as you surely know, pre-drawn and automatically purchased. The majority of individuals assume that picking their own numbers increases their chances of winning. However, this is just not true. Random lottery tickets have a far better probability of winning than those picked by the player.

The reason for this phenomenon is simple: humans are terrible at picking random numbers. When it comes to lottery numbers, the majority of people choose their birthdays or phone digits. These numbers have a high occurrence rate, which diminishes your odds of winning greatly. Another way we can explain it is when you play the quick-pick lottery game, you have a 0.00006 percent chance of winning the jackpot.

Play the Powerball Lottery

If you’ve ever wondered why so many people enjoy playing Powerball, it’s because it gives a fantastic chance of winning the jackpot. Because each ticket has a 1 in 292 million chance of landing a winning combination, many individuals play Powerball even if the prize money doesn’t matter to them much. It’s all about developing a sound approach and sticking to it for years, as Richard Lustig noted before. In his case, he would play Powerball every week for 27 years before finally winning in his 28th attempt.

Ticket Safety

As previously stated, avoiding quick-pick tickets will dramatically boost your chances of winning the lottery. Other circumstances, though, can improve your odds of winning, too, like keeping your ticket safe.

When you buy a lottery ticket, it’s essential that you keep it safe until the drawing. It makes no difference where you keep it as long as it is protected. Lottery players who keep their tickets in wallets or purses have a far lower probability of winning than lottery players who keep their tickets somewhere else, according to study performed by Professor Robert Matthews of Aston University.

Use Pick 3 Lottery Strategy

This lotto winning approach is a little harder than others because it involves some mathematics. This method is ideal for you if you are a math whiz or simply enjoy solving puzzles. The third digit in a Pick 3 lottery number defines the amount of prize levels available in that game, thus our method is based on that. A number like 544 indicates that there are five different prize tiers, whereas 936 indicates that there are just two different prize tiers. If the third digit is 4 or 6, the first two digits (5 or 9) indicate which prize tier you can win.

As you can see, three digits have more possible combinations than two digits joined with another digit (for example, 212). For example, with two digits coupled with another number, there are 1212 (12 possibilities), 1010 (10 combinations), and 524 (5 combinations). This indicates that certain numbers have more possible combinations than others: for example, 001 and 010 have more possibilities than 021 and 122. The same logic applies when three digits are combined with another digit: 001 has 12 times the number of options as 122.

If you buy several lottery tickets and use different three-digit combinations on each one, this strategy will work best. You will undoubtedly win one of the prize tiers listed on your ticket if you correctly predict the third digit on each ticket.

Playing the Lotto Number Strategy

The superstitions surrounding the unlucky number 13 and other related superstitions are well-known. However, some of them, such as the “playing lotto numbers” approach, have some truth to them. According to numerous psychological research, certain numbers appear more frequently on lottery tickets than others: 8s, in particular, appear to be more common than any other number. These numbers appear more frequently in small games than in large ones! Because everyone has their own lucky numbers, this isn’t something you can count on.

This technique, on the other hand, may be advantageous if you want to increase your chances of winning major games like Powerball or Mega Millions.

The winning lottery numbers are chosen at random. However, because some people have won the lotto several times, there may be some amazing lottery winning strategies that will work for you.

Identifying Hot, Cold, and Overdue Numbers

Analyze the outcomes of the lottery you wish to play and check which numbers have been chosen recently and which haven’t to employ the hot, cold, overdue technique. You can choose how many previous drawings you want to examine, but you’ll need at least 50 to achieve a good sample size.

Hot Numbers

Hot numbers are that were chosen the most frequently across all of the drawings you looked at. You might want to choose one of these “lucky” numbers.

Cold Numbers

In general, cold numbers are drawn less often. Although a cold number was just drawn, the overall number of times it was drawn is below normal. You might want to think about these unfortunate numbers.

Overdue Numbers

Numbers that haven’t appeared in recent weeks are considered overdue. Perhaps it’s a popular number that hasn’t been drawn in a while. You might believe it will appear soon.

Some people believe that by combining hot, cold, and overdue numbers and playing that combination until they hit, they can get an advantage.

Wheeling System

A wheeling system functions by selecting a set of common numbers and blending them with every other available number to produce a batch of tickets with a better chance of winning lower-tier lottery prizes.

For example, if you play a lottery that requires you to correctly guess six out of 69 possible numbers to win (also known as a 6/69 lottery), you could identify four “hot” numbers and then purchase tickets that mix those four numbers with each of the remaining 45 numbers.

If you wanted to play the numbers 4, 13, 39, and 41, for example, your lottery wheel strategy would include tickets that have:

  • 1, 2, 4, 13, 39, 41
  • 1, 3, 4, 13, 39, 41
  • 1, 5, 13, 39, 41
  • 1, 6, 4, 13, 39, 41
  • 1, 7, 4, 13, 39, 41

And so on, until you’ve bought every possible combination of the core four digits. This involves the purchase of hundreds of tickets.

Most individuals don’t want to buy 990 lottery tickets for every drawing, and doing so is generally not a good idea. There are a few strategies to cut the expense of playing a wheeling strategy:

  • Instead of Powerball or Mega Millions, you can play a pick-three or pick-four lotto game.
  • Choosing five numbers and then just wheeling the sixth.
  • Putting together a lottery pool.
  • Using a lottery syndicate that purchases the wheels and offers “shares” to its members in exchange for a portion of any winnings.

Some experts propose that if you’re playing Powerball, you just wheel the five white numbers instead of the red Powerball. Wheeling the Powerball necessitates the purchase of a large number of tickets in order to cover all of the wheeling alternatives.

The Odds and Evens Strategy

This lottery strategy involves looking at the likelihood of a certain group of numbers being drawn rather than the probability of single numbers being drawn.

According to the idea, the winning numbers are significantly less likely to be all odd or all even. According to statistics, the majority of winning lottery tickets have an even split of odd and even numbers. Picking numbers that are evenly distributed between odds and evens may therefore boost your chances.

On the other hand, according to this StatsChat post published by a biostatistics expert, picking all odd numbers, all even numbers, or a combination will have no effect on your odds of winning.

Using Mathematical Sequences

Some lottery systems look for connections in the links between winning lottery numbers to see if they can find any pattern.

The Delta Lottery System, for example, is interested in the average spacing between winning lottery numbers.

These are just a few instances of how you might try to use patterns to your advantage. You can notice a pattern if you pay attention to the most recent lottery winning numbers listed on lottery websites.

Lottery strategies for People who aren’t good at Math

So, if you’re not a math whiz and don’t enjoy tinkering with numbers or looking for patterns, are there any lottery tactics that you can use? There are, of course.

If you’re in a rush or don’t want to spend too much time on your figures, here are a couple ideas to try.

Use Quick Pick

We know we said to avoid quick pick earlier, but in this case, it’s for using it when you’re really bad at math. The Quick Pick option on your lottery is the quickest and easiest way to choose numbers, and many people believe it is the greatest. Allow the computers to choose your numbers for you, and you’ll be on your way in minutes with no more thought or work.

It has something going for it because an estimated 70% of Powerball winners win this way.

Lucky Numbers

Again, if you’re bad at math and want to avoid calculations and numbers, use this strategy. This is one of the simplest and most widely used lottery techniques. Simply choose a set of fortunate numbers and play them every time they purchase a lottery ticket. You may choose birthdays, anniversaries, or just numbers that feel lucky to you.

According to the theory, you should play the same numbers each time since if they haven’t appeared before, they are more likely to do so next time.

This is false from the standpoint of probability; whether or not a number has been drawn recently has no bearing on whether it will appear in the near future. People, on the other hand, have won by playing their preferred combinations.

If at all possible, stay away from the numbers 1 through 31. Other individuals are more likely to play those numbers, increasing your chances of having to split a prize if you win.

Let a Lottery Program do the job for you

You can utilize lottery software to help you choose your numbers if you don’t want to spend time devising your own method. Without having to do the job yourself, you may quickly and easily wheel numbers or utilize a pattern identification method with the correct program.

However, be wary of investing money in lottery software. There’s no evidence that they improve your chances of winning over other methods, but they will empty your account.

The Sure Way to Win the Lottery

This is the only way to play the lotto and be certain of winning. It is possible to play any number combination and win the jackpot.

People have won by purchasing all of the combinations, including Stefan Mandel, a 14-time lottery winner who won a $27 million prize in 1992. However, since then, lotteries have evolved, making it more difficult to cover all possible combinations, and there are risks involved.

Even if the jackpot is large enough to justify purchasing all of the combinations, you can’t be certain that you won’t have to share the pot, reducing your winnings.

Lottery Winning Tips by 7 Time Lottery Winner Richard Lusting

Have you heard about Richard Lusting, who has won the lottery seven times in the last two years? Richard Lusting admits that he was in debt two years ago, but after winning a total of $1, 047, 060.50 and a jackpot of $842,151.92, he has lived a life well beyond his wildest dreams.

Winning a lottery prize is not solely a matter of luck. You must also master the proper method for winning the prize. You see, there are some skills and tips that you must perfect in order to win the jackpot.

Here are a few useful tips for increasing your lottery winnings if you want to increase your chances of winning by Richard Lusting:

Buy More Tickets

You must purchase more tickets in order to boost your chances of winning. However, the disadvantage is that you may have to pay a lot of money to get a good deal. Because of the significant investment you made in purchasing tickets, the value of your winnings may not be fully rewarded. This was demonstrated by an Australian company that used this strategy in a local lottery. However, purchasing additional lottery tickets may increase your chances of winning.

Make a Lottery Pool

Create a lottery pool to collect funds from lottery players. This means you’ll get more lottery tickets and numbers, which means you’ll all have a better chance of winning. The disadvantage is that you may have to share the jackpot prize with a large number of players. But perhaps you won’t complain if your group won $500 million and had to share it among ten winners! If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, joining a lottery pool can help you win.


Avoid consecutive Numbers 

Choose numbers that are not consecutive. For example, suppose you’re playing a lottery with five winning numbers, and you have till number 55 to choose from. The total number of people in the group must be between 104 and 176. According to studies, approximately 70% of lottery winnings fall into this category.

Avoid Numbers that Fall in the Same Group

Choose a number that is not in the same number group or has a comparable last digit. Although there is a chance that you will win, the likelihood is extremely low.

Look for Unpopular Lottery Games

Look for games that aren’t very popular and are played at unexpected times. Don’t play lottery games that usually have a winner; instead, try some of the less popular games. Because everyone will most certainly attend the lottery game, your chances of winning are slim. Go to a less famous game with fewer players to increase your chances of winning.

Look for Less Competition

It is preferable to play less popular lottery games with less number of players, as this will provide you with less competition. Games like Suprenalotto are some of the less popular lotteries to try. The jackpot amount may appear little, but the chances of winning are greater.

Birthday Based Numbers 

Some people like to play the lottery based on their or a family member’s birthday numbers. If this happens, you’ll almost always obtain more numbers between 1 and 31, which correspond to the days in the calendar approach. If you choose numbers greater than 31, you may not increase your chances of winning, but you may raise your chances of not having to share the reward with anyone.

Every number has an equal probability 

Remember that each lottery number has an equal chance of being chosen as the winning number. No software exists that can anticipate the exact winning number. However, using a less frequent number increases your chances of not splitting the jackpot prize.

Play the Right Games

You can participate in a variety of lottery games. When you play the national lottery, you have access to a considerably larger number pool than if you play a local or state lottery. You must be physically present for the draw in a local lottery, but the odds of winning are higher than in a nationwide lottery.

Do Lottery Systems Work?

Having a lottery strategy can be entertaining, as well as motivating for you to enter and win. Most statisticians, however, believe that there is little you can do to improve your chances of winning the lottery.

Take the overdue number strategy, for example. Why would a number that hasn’t been drawn in weeks suddenly be drawn when you buy tickets? It has no advantage over any other number in terms of being chosen.

So be wary of any lottery system that claims to promise you’ll win or that requires you to pay for services that won’t improve your chances of winning the jackpot.

Be wary of promises that are too good to be true and phony reviews. For example, the Silver Lottery System stated that its for-pay lottery system had a 98 percent success rate. However, numerous websites claim to have busted the technique, accusing it of defrauding consumers by utilizing false testimonials and improbable promises.

Maintain your focus on having a good time while playing responsibly. While free lottery software can be useful, you should invest your money on tickets or put it towards something more vital.


It’s safe to say that winning the Powerball jackpot, or any lottery for that matter, is a tremendous ambition for many individuals. It will not only pay off any debt you may have, but it will also prepare you and your children for the rest of their lives. These tactics may be for you if you are one of those people who appreciates taking the time to play and participate in the lottery. They can certainly improve your chances of winning, not to mention provide you with a new perspective on how to play, and who doesn’t want that?