Choosing Formulas for the Lotto Numbers

If you cannot deliberately win a lotto game, and you think it winning the game is all about blind luck, then how come to some players claim to have used systems to win multiple lotto games? When you believe in an assumption that something is impossible to do, even though evidence suggests it is possible, it stirs something in an individual.

People know that if evidence suggests something is possible and has been done before, it can be done again.

Is it Possible to Defeat the Lottery?

A common trait in human beings is to try to figure out a cause of an event or thing. We also design ways or methods to achieve or the very least, challenge a goal. We know at our core that if we believe something is possible, then it is possible.

This helps us understand why some people are always reading up information and trying to find a weakness in lotteries. These people also try to find formulas that can give them the winning lotto numbers, despite the common assumption that lotto games are based on luck, not science or skill.

Choosing a Formula to Pick Lottery Numbers

The fact that there are individuals that have won multiple lotto game wins points to the fact that there are formulas that increase your chances of winning the game. Smart players that since the lottery is a game based on numbers, there must be a way to use math-based formulas and improve their chances of winning.

If you have the same perspective, then you are not alone. Many players have followed formulas that use the probability law and increase the chances of winning not one but multiple lotto games. Past lotto game winners claim to have used formulas to win games.

When you look at the results of the past winners, it becomes clear that they use something other than luck to win lotto games. Such positive claims are worth exploring and encouraging. While there are formulas for different lotto games and even a proven formula for scratch-off games, we will now discuss the formula for the Pick 3 game.

How can you play a Pick 3 Lotto Game?

First, let’s discuss how you normally play a Pick 3 game. Your chances of winning a Pick 3 game are high. The best thing about Pick 3 games is that you play them 4 times daily. The game involves lotto numbers from 0 to 9.

You must select the 3 lotto numbers out of the number pool and determine how often you want to play the game and what time you want to play it.

Once you have made a decision and selected your lotto numbers, you will need to pick an option from here:

  • Exact Number Order: This shows that a player can only win the game if the numbers they picked match the numbers that appear in the lotto draw.
  • Any Number Order: All that is required to win the game if you select this option is for the numbers you chose to be picked, irrespective of how they were drawn.
  • Any/Exact Order: To benefit from this option, you will need to play the game more frequently. This order can significantly improve your chances of winning the lottery, as you will determine whether your selected numbers appear in the same order or not in the draw.
  • Combination: All the possible exact order number combos can be played on a single ticket.

After selecting the amount you want to play, you will need to determine how often your chosen lotto number will play, up to 24. Multi lotto will enable you to choose whether this happens for draws selected at a particular time or consecutively across all the draws.

A Pick 3 game will cost you 50 cents per play; you can also claim victory if the sum of your numbers matches the sum of the numbers picked by the lotto draw. Now, we will discuss some methods that can greatly increase your chances of winning a Pick 3 game by selecting and then playing lotto numbers in a specific way.


This is a proven lotto formula and can significantly increase your chances of winning a lotto game. Instead of selecting different lotto numbers for every line, you can use number wheeling, a math-based formula, to increase your odds of winning.

Instead of playing only 3 numbers for a pick 3 game, you can play with 4 numbers with the help of number wheeling. When you can play with an extra number, you have a high chance of winning the Pick 3 game. You can easily win lotto games if you understand how number wheeling works.

Is it Possible to Predict Lotto Numbers?

Is there any way you can learn accurately predict numbers in a lotto game? If this were possible, it would be a valuable skill and one that you could add to your playing arsenal. While lottery players use different methods to select their numbers, such as birth dates, you need a more pragmatic approach to predict lotto numbers.

While it is impossible to predict lotto numbers, you can increase your chances of picking the right ones. An approach that a lot of players use is to let the computer pick the numbers. In the United States, this approach is called Quick Pick and is referred to as Lucky Dip in the United Kingdom.

However, you should avoid the Lucky Dip or Quick Pick approach unless you want to rely solely on luck to win the lottery games. Your aim should always be to avoid cold numbers and pick hot numbers. You can also select overdue numbers.

How to Predict Lotto Numbers?

As discussed above, no method, strategy, or way can help you predict lotto numbers unless you have psychic powers. While many past lotto game winners have randomly selected their numbers or through the computer, these winners were only able to win due to luck.

Players who have won multiple lotto jackpots did not use the Lucky Dips or Quick Pick approach; they used proven systems. The only mathematical way to decrease the odds against you is by using number wheeling.

Can Past Winners help you?

Knowing which lottery numbers you need to pick is an art, you must master over several years. While wheeling is the only proven math-based formula that can increase your chances of winning a lotto game.

Earlier in this article, we discussed hot numbers and would like to mention them again. However, you should remember that the only way hot numbers can be effective is if you are using wheeling.

While hot numbers can increase your chances of winning, some mathematicians say these numbers don’t increase your chances.

What is a Hot Number?

Since the beginning of lotto games, a few lotto numbers have been drawn more frequently than other numbers. While it is unnecessary for these numbers to be drawn together, you should still know them since they appear on the winning line frequently.

Many believe that selecting hot numbers can considerably increase your chances of winning. However, a group of players believes you should avoid selecting hot numbers and try to select long overdue lotto numbers.

Overdue numbers are bound to be picked sooner rather than later. Playing overdue numbers is also an effective strategy. Our point is that when it comes to selecting lotto numbers, you need to be strategic so that you have a chance of winning the lotto game.

None of the methods you can use to choose lotto numbers is better than number wheeling. If you play more than one lottery ticket, you can come up with different number combos.


To win a lotto game, you must devise an effective formula to choose lotto numbers. However, you should also know formulas and strategies that are ineffective so that you can avoid them. Undoubtedly, wheeling is the best method, so try it.